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Marty Gallagher has been in the iron game for over 55 years as an athlete, coach and writer. He learned transformation strategies from the best athletes in the World whose only allegiance was to progress. He has implemented these strategies to help thousands of clients from elite to infirmed.  Below are links to podcasts where he has been a featured guest as well as his 6 part Forest Gump series giving a history of his strength roots.

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Marty Gallagher shares his unique perspective on an array of topics from supplementation, recovery accelerators, brain-train & mental recalibration, injury prevention, anti-aging and more. Any questions or podcast bookings, please contact us at


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Marty's in-depth and expansive knowledge of creating radical physical transformations combining progressive resistance, cardio and nutrition programming has allowed him to create successful programs for a broad spectrum of clients from infirmed to elite for over thirty decades. See article below for more information.

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Marty Gallagher is a legend in the world of strength and Power Lifting. We talk about his views and experience in Zen and how that relates to Power Lifting, and much more. Enjoy. See articles below for more information.

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Check out Marty Gallagher's popular six part "Forest Gump of Strength" series.  Learn more about his strength journey and strength history over the course of his expansive 55 year career. Subscribe to the Raw with Marty Gallagher podcast to never miss an episode.

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