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Working with Marty Gallagher has opened my eyes to what training can be when you work with a gifted professional whose knowledge and experience are both broad and deep.



Stacy Gallagher has an excellent way of getting to the root of your problems to improve your health. My heart condition along with a laundry list of other aches and pains left me weak and vulnerable.



As a physiological overachiever, I have been obsessed with resistance training techniques and tactics since I was 12 years old. I had to train smarter and harder to overcome my genetic superiors. I won my first national championships and set my first national records in 1967 at age 17. I have had others seek my advice on training since I was a teenager. Along the way I became an IPF world master’s champion and six-time national masters champion. I coached Black’s Gym to five national powerlifting team titles and was a coach for the United States when Team USA won the IPF world championships in 1991. I work with the highest levels within the international Spec Ops community. My athletic and coaching credentials are in order.

In many ways it is harder to obtain truly outstanding gains for regular people than it is to obtain gains for the athletic elite. Counterintuitively, the methods that we use to obtain sensational results using the same overarching template and techniques used and developed in my work with the uber-elite of the strength world and spec ops world. The same programing and strategic approach is used: the loads and intensities are scaled back though the strategies are identical. 

Perhaps the most advantageous aspect of our strength training approach is it minimalistic approach: requiring as little as one hour a week, our pared back Purposefully Primitive approach, was spawned by world champion powerlifters, men that set world records train three lifts one time a week. This same approach proved idea for time-pressed active duty spec ops fighters. This same system born and honed at the highest levels, proved ideal for regular people working regular jobs, with wives, children and all of lives responsibilities - yet understanding and seeking strength, the premier bio-motor attribute. Here are but a few individuals that have worked with the Gallaghers.

functional strength testimonials

Check out what Functional Strength clients have to say 

Marty’s attention to detail, no-nonsense style, and extensive knowledge of the proper biomechanics required to train safely and successfully have been a critical part of my success!



We've put together a group of testimonials from our clients who come from all walks of life all over the World in different stages of their transformation journey.

Marty Gallagher Featured Clients

Miles Kempton

Personal Trainer

I became a personal trainer after 12 years in a sedentary job as a sound engineer/designer in the UK. I developed a lot of muscle stiffness and imbalances as a result. When I shifted my career to personal training I began intense boxing workouts for my cardio and lost a lot of muscle and weight. The stiffness and imbalance persisted which led me away from lifting and into the corrective exercise world. I utilized these techniques for myself and my clients without much improvement. My tightness led to a left hamstring injury. During the 18 month long recovery I applied all the corrective and physio techniques I learned over the years and it still wasn’t improving. The osteopath & physio I visited were both at a loss of what to do. That’s when I decided, I’ll pick up a barbell and try to strengthen it with deadlifts. This went against the grain for healing.  Within 2 months the hamstring felt fine. This was when I contacted Marty Gallagher.

After 18 weeks of training with Marty the muscle imbalances and stiffness that have plagued me for 12 years were gone. The one thing I learned from my corrective journey was that tightness was related to weakness and not muscle shortening. Marty's online coaching helped me in all areas of the transformative process from nutrition to lifting techniques to cardio, and programming. He expertly guides progress using weekly pre-recorded videos. His technique adjustments have completely eliminated the knee and back discomfort I used to experience. Even when picking up an injury (unrelated to exercise and training) Marty adapted my lifts to allow me to keep training and progressing when normally without his guidance I would have stopped to rest. Click here to see more.

Bill Brownley

Attorney/Rugby Coach

I have been training for almost 50 years. I have been a trainer in health clubs and written programs for others. I have trained in many different disciplines from powerlifting to CrossFit to HITT. I am a coach myself—and work hard at my craft. I thought I knew how to train, and what to do. Working with Marty Gallagher has opened my eyes to what training can be when you work with a gifted professional whose knowledge and experience are both broad and deep. His knowledge of the human body and his vast experience allows him to engineer a very individualized and specific routine that works well, whatever your goals may be. He understands how to program for specific purposes and most importantly program to the individual to meet those purposes. He insists on great technique - which I thought I had but did not - to maximize results.

His credentials are without peer—he has coached world champion powerlifters, special forces operatives, and Joe the plumber next door.  What’s important to Marty is that you are committed and willing to work hard to improve. His programming is unique and individualized. Most trainers are selling a program, a secret or system. His training is based on you as an individual, your goals and your capabilities. He works with you constantly to update and modify your training to meet whatever demands or challenges you are facing.

Training with Marty goes beyond the mere physical benefits—you will gain a mentor and advisor who cares deeply about you and your well-being. He provides advice and counsel from a font of wisdom and experience it is impossible match. Marty is the best there is—no one else comes close to his abilities as a trainer, coach, and mentor. Click here to see more.

Barry Adamson

Functional/Business Process Analyst

Marty Gallagher has been my powerlifting coach since October 2015. With my chiropractor's invitation, I started training to improve my overall strength which had lagged as a result of a hip injury I acquired as a lowly recruit in Marine Corps bootcamp 18 prior. We started slow, training the Big Three (squat, bench press, and deadlift) one day a week. As an initiate to strength training, I did not have lofty goals or expectations. I simply wanted to live better, and with Marty’s help that goal has long been accomplished. Technique is king when it comes to successfully training the Big Three without risk of injury. Marty’s attention to detail, no-nonsense style, and extensive knowledge of the proper biomechanics required to train safely and successfully have been a critical part of my success. He works with your strengths and challenges you to break loose from your weaknesses.

Over the last five years with Marty as my coach, my strength has increased exponentially. His techniques are simple, time-tested tools that challenge your body to adapt. All that is required is an hour or two of your time one day a week. Today, not only am I stronger than I was five years ago, but his coaching has challenged me to push myself further than I previously thought possible as I now compete regularly in powerlifting competitions. I have gone from a 36-year-old individual who could barely squat 245 lbs for one rep to a 41-year-old man who can commandingly squat 360 lbs. My bench has increased from 185 lbs to 275 lbs and my deadlift from 275 lbs to 435 lbs. The best part is that I haven’t even begun to peak! Marty has a way of getting you to see deeper into your potential. I’d recommended him to anyone, whether they’re a competitive athlete or the average joe simply looking for the opportunity to increase their strength or longevity. What he teaches not only works in the gym, but has applications that can touch every aspect of your life. Click here to see more.

Nick Turecamo

Rugby Player

Marty Gallagher changed my entire approach to fitness, strength, power, and all around athleticism. I have been a athlete my whole life. In high school I played at the Varsity level as a team Captain for soccer, wrestling and crew. I found rugby while attending University of Virginia and knew this was the sport for me. I continued to athletically excel becoming Captain as well as most valuable player. My goal became to play professional rugby. However, my training for rugby could not keep up with the demands of high-level club rugby after college. My Cardinal Selects All-Start coach I was recommended that I begin to train with Marty. With Marty’s help I was able to come back from an injury that would have ended most rugby careers and make the jump to play for a top D1 program in California with the prospect of going pro still very much alive.

What makes Marty different than all the other coaches and trainers I have worked with is his mentality, knowledge, and approach to training. He understands an athlete’s mindset. With me, he was able to work on specific parts of my strength and power that other coaches typically overlooked. This allowed me to not only get stronger, but to also increase my speed and agility. Just three months out of surgery he was able to increase my deadlift, squat, and bench press by 50lbs or more over an eight week period of training. Marty’s approach to training allows athletes to focus on skills, speed, and agility for five days out of the week with one strength/power session on Sunday. This creates a framework for massive strength gain while also improving all other aspects of a player’s game. Marty is a weapon that every athlete needs in their arsenal. He has single handedly been the biggest asset to my training and has been the catalyst for taking my rugby game to the next level. Click here to see more.

Andre Steinauer

Project Manager-Destination Sports

Seven years ago I was caught by the Iron bug after reading Marty Gallagher's book "The Purposeful Primitive." I have been following his work ever since. When Marty mentioned remote coaching on his RAW podcast I decided to inquire about his services because I am located in Bern, Switzerland. I love lifting weights and knew this was my chance to take my gains to the next level. Using Skype and my pre-recorded training sessions as tools Marty was able to significantly improve my techniques. This accountability has kept me highly motivated to improve my strength gains week after week. Not only have I gotten stronger Marty's vast knowledge has improved both my cardio and nutrition goals.  See More

Joe Lipsky

PT, DPT - Reload Physical Therapy

Having the opportunity to learn from Marty Gallagher is a privilege. He is a true expert in the field of strength training and physical transformation. His ability to disseminate what he has learned through over 50 years of experience is incredible. I have never felt confident squatting or bench pressing. After training with Marty for just one day going through the squat, deadlift and bench press he completely changed what I thought I knew about all three lifts. The session provided me with valuable feedback on how to set strength goals and take my strength to another level. As a coach and clinician I found this skill to be an invaluable example needed to help me to better develop my clients into stronger versions of themselves. See More

Gary Wang

PT, DPT, OCS - Reload Physical Therapy

I've been a physical therapist for 6 years now and I wish I met Marty 12 years ago!! I hurt my back several times from squatting and deadlifting while in college and even throughout PT school. My professors in PT school simply told me to rest and not lift as heavy as a cure. Marty's teaching principles helped me to gain the confidence to finally lift over 225lbs again without the fear of re-injury. Last year I sumo deadlifted 435lb pain-free! If it worked for me, it can work for others. I have been using Marty's principles to teach almost all of my patients how to properly set up a deadlift and squat. It's simple and it works. My favorite take away from working with and learning from Marty is that you have to "earn the right" to move onto the next progression of the lift. There's no need to rush the process or desire to skip steps. Put in the work and you will be better and stronger for it. See More

Andy Chen

PT, DPT - Reload Physical Therapy

Marty Gallagher is an absolute pioneer in the field of strength training and physical preparation. His ideas are built on principles that are time-tested and used by world record holders. Not only has he been around some of the greatest powerlifters and bodybuilders but he has also coached some of the greatest as well. The best part about his methodology is that it's simple. He trims the fat on the excess and keeps only what is crucial to maximize the potential of his clients. There is not a single day that I am in the clinic working with patients that I do not apply what I have learned from Marty. His technical breakdown of all the main lifts as well as his progressions and regressions can be scaled to fit ANY body. I am big fan of his writing whether it's 'The Purposeful Primitive', his countless articles or his popular podcast. There is nobody better to learn from if you're interested in getting stronger.  See More

Joe Sauter

Real Estate Agent

I met Marty in 1997 at a USPF powerlifting meet in Maryland where I attempted to squat 700 for the first time. The effort was not successful. However, it caught Marty’s attention and he invited me to come train with him. This meant the world to me and changed my life forever. His methods one year later enabled me to win my weight class with an 804lb squat. Under Marty’s tuteledge my strength and form skyrocketed. After competing for two more years in powerlifting I changed my focus to bodybuilding. The muscle built during this period took my bodyweight up to 335lb. Marty introduced me to Parrillo Performance nutritional principles to aid me in stripping body fat. I took my bodyweight from 335lb down to 235lb in a period of two years. Marty wrote a feature article on my bodybuilding success for Parrillo Performance Press. After my bodybuilding career my focus shifted to just staying healthy and fit. The lessons learned from Marty in all areas of the transformative process have given me an incredible foundation that I continue to draw upon. His guidance over the years has been critical to my success. See More

Robert Myers

Painter/Dog Trainer

I was introduced to Marty Gallagher at Ian Burgess’ Maryland Athletic Club about 30 years ago. He, Kirk Karwoski and I became training partners. Kirk and I were preparing for the USPF National Powerlifting Championships in 1996. Marty was preparing for the IPF World Masters Championships in Toronto. During this training cycle I was planning to peak my squat at 700lb for the competition.  This was a 10 year goal in the making. Training with Marty and Kirk gave me the ability to take my lifting game to the next level. I utilized an auto-visualization technique learned from Marty to create a movie in my head of the 700 pound attempt. This gave me the ability to step into the competition incredibly prepared to finally reach my goal of a 700 pound squat. I took 2nd place as a superheavyweight at the competition. Marty’s methods are timeless and proven effective over his vast 55 year career of transforming people from beginners to elite athletes.  He requires 100% effort and a minimal time investment with a focus on compound multi-joint movements - squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press. He has been a great coach, mentor and friend to me.  See More

Dave Whitley

Iron Tamer Strongman

I first became familiar with Marty Gallagher’s work around 2008. I am a performing strongman who bends steel, breaks chains and rips decks of cards. The barbell is important, but secondary to these feats for me. Marty showed me how to use his methods for increasing overall strength that is applicable to both the unconditioned beginner and World champion athlete. Marty understands the delicate dance between a program “as written” and the specific needs of a lifter in a way that only a true master of the craft can be. No inflated claims, no mysterious (and questionable) back story. It's all right there in the pages of strength history. Just a laser-precise focus on building strength in the physical and mental sense. In a World of self-proclaimed “experts” Marty is the rarest kind of coach – one who has a proven track record both for his students and himself. His book "The Purposeful Primitive" is one of the most important books ever written on the subject of strength. Put simply, he is Yoda with a barbell.  See More

Oliver Mosley IV


I have been training for almost 20yrs. My goal initially was never to compete or look a certain way, just to be strong resilient and healthy to be around when my son got older. Pretty much everything I knew about the bar came from Marty Gallagher and his many training articles. When I was in my mid 30s I decided to finally compete and hired a coach. Interesting how a few bad ques from a coach can ruin things. My squat went from 470 easy for reps with no pain to 225 with constant pain. I struggled for a couple of years in this state and finally reached out to Marty for help. He was incredibly knowledgeable and in a matter of weeks I was squatting with no pain. Following his protocols once again changed my life and gave me the focus and determination to become a stronger and better version of myself. You just can’t beat time-tested experience from someone who has walked the walk and worked with the best in the world. The amount of information you gain from one conversation with Marty Gallagher will take you to a new level on your quest for strength whether you are a competitor or just an average person.  See More

Stacy Gallagher Featured Clients

Dan Massey

Dealership Service Manager

I began working with Stacy Gallagher three years ago after a heart attack. She has skillfully adapted Marty Gallagher’s system to work with average folks. I am an ex-athlete who fell out of shape. My heart condition along with a laundry list of aches and pains left me weak and vulnerable. Stacy has an excellent way of getting to the root of problems and is the first trainer to tell me to back off. She knows when you have gone beyond what is beneficial in training. This has been very important to me as it has allowed me to make progress without having injuries that erase all my hard-fought gains. The core four lifts are the basis for her strength training: squat, bench, deadlift and overhead press. For those who are out of shape or never been in shape do not be scared because you will go nowhere near a weight or barbell until you are ready. There is a whole system in place to get you to the point where you can get under a heavy weight. That system starts with less than body weight work by using a suspension trainer which allows you to perform exercises to ingrain form and technique.

I developed poor movement patterns in my everyday life that needed to be corrected. Stacy is matchless in her ability to find your flaws, your bad patterns, and to fix them slowly through the core four lifts. Every session with Stacy begins with a discussion of the state of the rest of your life… sleep, diet, stress. As important as the workout with her she will give you advice on eating, sleeping and cardio workouts for the rest of the week. These discussions are geared for where you are in life and are flexible for the know nothing couch-potato to the athlete. I wish I had met Stacy when I was much younger, I would have been a much better athlete.  Click here to see more.

John Thomas Treece

Mental Health Consultant

I was introduced to Stacy Gallagher by my acupuncturist. She highly recommended her skills to help me become healthier. I am 80 years old and have been working with Stacy for about three years. I had never lifted weights prior to this and had a negative idea about strength training.  My acupuncturist convinced me that Stacy would be a good choice to help guide me in strength training, cardio and nutrition. I had established a daily cardio routine and lost about 20 pounds before we started working together.

There was a lot of room for improvement in my nutrition. Stacy helped me to greatly reduce my sugar intake using mindfulness training. I was surprised by the amount of sugar that I could taste in my food when taking the time to chew each bite thoroughly. I used this awareness to change my eating habits and over the years have lost an additional 40 pounds. This gave me the ability to go off of my type 2 diabetes medication. My walking lacked intensity. Stacy suggested that I purchase a heart rate monitor to understand how to push myself harder safely in my cardio efforts. I really enjoy walking faster. At my faster pace I can walk 2 miles in 45 minutes. This distance used to take me 60 minutes to complete. 

I had no athletic experience prior to working with Stacy. She began teaching me basic strength training moves such as squat and deadlift. She introduced me to the squat using a suspension trainer. Once I had mastered the squat she taught me how to deadlift using a kettlebell. It surprised me just training once a week how much stronger I have become over the years. My mindset has changed when it comes to lifting weights. I now enjoy and embrace the challenge. Stacy has been a patient teacher helping me to overcome my prejudices about physical exercise.  Click here to see more.

Dawn Massey


Stacy Gallagher introduced me to strength training six years ago. My prior experience with training was doing corrective exercises without any significant results. I am now in my mid-seventies and her methods have turned my weaknesses into strength and my stiffness into flexibility. I am continually growing and improving under her watchful eye. She is a great teacher and communicator able to make complex ideas simple. Her knowledge of good biomechanics and perfectionism about form and technique have given me a physical confidence that I lacked. I have returned to the tennis court after a 10 year hiatus able to chase down and hit any ball that comes my way. Stacy also coached me for two 5K races. One of which I won at 73 with a 17 minute mile.

Her intuitive ability to coax my progress along is unique. She is committed to my progress and challenges me to become a better version of myself every workout. As a result my body has healed itself. My knees no longer ache and my hips move more freely. This has given me a better and more consistent running stride. The combination of targeted stretches and strength training protocols have changed my life. I look forward to every workout!   See More

June Moeller

Retired Special Education Teacher

I started working with Stacy Gallagher in 2012 after losing about 60 pounds. My goal was to get stronger and run a 5K. As an older person I did not have any experience with strength training or running. Stacy carefully guided me through the process of learning how to lift with proper technique. She also taught me the importance of using a heart rate monitor to gauge the intensity of my runs to gradually improve my cardio fitness. Her insistence on strict form and targeted programming helped me to get stronger and fitter. After working with her for two years we decided it was time for me to try to run a 5K. In 2014 I ran my first 5K at 69. It was a very exciting accomplishment for me to finish the race. All of my hard work paid off.

Since 2015 I have bought three horses that I ride and care for on a daily basis. Stacy's experience with horses as well as humans is very extensive. She has developed a training program for me that gives me the necessary strength and coordination for my riding and driving. She has been a patient and enthusiastic coach encouraging me to grow and excel in improving my overall fitness. My journey with her has given me the ability to lead a very active life.  See More

Jessica Geiermann


I was introduced to Stacy Gallagher about seven years ago at a local farm. Her knowledge of both human and horse biomechanics is phenomenal. She became both my personal trainer and riding instructor. After watching me ride she identified postural deficiencies that contributed to chronic neck pain on the right side of my body. She introduced me to strength training and how proper squatting and deadlifting technique could be used in a corrective way. Learning these techniques helped me to almost eliminate my neck pain over time. About four years ago I left the area to attend vet school at Virginia Tech. When I graduated and returned to the area I contacted Stacy to resume training. I was surprised how once a week strength training improved all my other Spartan race prep that I do during the week. Stacy has a great feel for how to push me to the edge, but not over the edge.  See More

Faith Massey

Dealership General Manager

Stacy Gallagher and I began working together five years ago. I wanted to get back to training safely, but had health issues that complicated my return. I suffer from a combination of severe IBS and Interstitial Cystitis (bladder lining inflammation). These conditions have left my immune system compromised and my muscles weak. The prolonged inflammation has caused severe muscle imbalances which can make training and recovery a challenge. Stacy's personal experience with gut issues have given her a unique perspective that she brings to our work. Her knowledge of both the IBS world and training allows her to merge targeted stretching and the right dose of training that has helped me to steadily make progress. Over time both my muscle imbalances and overall strength have improved. Stacy has become an integral part of my recovery journey helping me to regain lost functionality.  See More

Caroline Holmes

Graphic Designer

Stacy Gallagher began training me about four years ago. I am an equestrian who rides a World Champion Morgan horse. He is a powerful horse that requires me to be in good physical condition to keep my seat and balance. This requires a lot of core strength and physical coordination. Because Stacy is both a horse trainer and personal trainer she has been able to develop a targeted training program that addresses my strength imbalances to help me ride better. She is also involved with training my horse. This gives her a unique ability to merge my training with my riding. I love working with Stacy. Her incredible enthusiasm and knowledge of biomechanics both human and horse has helped me to be highly competitive within the Morgan world. She always challenges me to improve every workout in the best most positive way.  See More

Kate Massey

High School Student

My dad introduced me to lifting weights when I was 13 years old. I am now 16.  About a year ago I was introduced to Stacy Gallagher because I couldn't stop falling forward in my barbell back squat. Stacy helped me understand that I needed to improve my squat technique by mastering the Goblet and Front squat first. After working with her I realized that my hips were overly tight and that I was not squatting deep enough. Learning how to use my body better also improved my deadlift, bench and overhead press. i train twice a week and submit training videos to Stacy for critique. She always gives good feedback that helps me improve each lift. Once a month she comes to my gym and we review technique in person. Since working with Stacy all my lifts have improved. My greatest accomplishment is pushing my conventional deadlift up to 135lbx5reps. The changes that Stacy has made to my lifting technique have greatly improved my strength.  See More

Workshop Testimonials 

I wanted expert instruction on proper barbell technique. I knew that I needed help In this area since I work out in my basement alone. I was also attracted to the minimalist style of training because of my busy schedule with long days and wanted to learn more about it.

The workshop helped improve my understanding and proper technique regarding the basic barbell lifts. The instructors have so much experience and are all great teachers. Under their watchful eyes and guidance, they were able to help me apply proper lifting technique, whether it was a subtle foot or hand adjustment, to make the lifts work for my individual body type. Basic programming was discussed, and it whet my appetite for more knowledge in this particular area.

The most valuable part of this workshop was the instructors and their explanation of technique. Without a doubt they have years of experience teaching these lifts the right way to a vast multitude of students. Every now and then, one of these instructors would drop a little nugget of information that made the technique click. It was a great workshop for “a-ha!” moments.

Matthew Commeree

It's a struggle finding good coaches and other people who just want to train and get better.

Most definitely. Marty, Kirk, and Jim left no stone unturned and did not take for granted that anyone at the workshop should already know what they're doing. They started from scratch and worked through every detail of the lifts.

The atmosphere and coaching was the best part for me. I've been training for 20 years and I still learned a ton of valuable information. I attended the squat/deadlift workshop in October 2019 as well. The atmosphere was great and the coaching was so outstanding, I was happy to make the three hour drive down to Gaithersburg for the bench/overhead press workshop. Jim Steele gave me a couple of cues and corrections that were real game-changers for me on a few of the lifts.

Mark henrion

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