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The important first battle in the war to transform is motivating oneself to begin the process. Ingrained bad habits must be modified or the effort to morph the body is doomed to failure. 

The battle to recalibrate the brain is a riddle wrapped in an enigma tucked neatly inside a paradox. Entrenched habits die a quick death when the mind is presented with better options. Those who succeed are those who are able to transform initial willpower with the mental equivalent of solar power: enthusiasm.

As a physiological overachiever I have had to train smarter and research deeper on how to improve and further my own athletic quest. Over the years I have continually searched to find ever better methods and mentors.  

Being an athlete interested in improving my own game and being in a position to quiz hundreds of top athletes about their training and eating protocols has given me a unique opportunity and perspective. I pass along their accumulated wisdom for use in your own transformational quest. Their ways are the proven ways and their ways will allow YOU to morph from what you are into what you want to beEnjoy!

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