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The goal of Functional Strength is to share with trainees the proven modes and methods, techniques and tactics passed along to us by our world champion mentors. These signature techniques are the foundation of the Purposeful Primitive training philosophy. Used by the very best in the World to become stronger and leaner, the Purposeful Primitive training template can help trainees to exercise critical thinking as it relates to physical training, nutrition and the subtle psychological aspects of the transformative process.

We have expropriated the methods used by these greats and utilize this information to transform clients all over the World. The exciting thing about our methods is that this system can transform anyone whether an elite or average person with a minimal amount of time commitment.

The Purposeful Primitive signature techniques increase raw strength and power to a significant degree in a relatively short time-frame. When enacted with the requisite intensity and exactitude, this simplistic yet sophisticated system of strength is without rival. When physical capabilities and capacities are improved trainees become more resistant to injury and retain function as they age. Our protocols provide increased strength and vitality while strengthening the human guide wire system in such a way as to reduce and prevent injury. Sign up below.

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