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Our personal coaching programs offer a customized approach based on over 55 years experience in working with thousands of clients from average folks to elites. We provide YOU with a plan to help you lose fat, build muscle, and get the body you want. 

Our mission is simple: cut through empty promises, bogus research, and confusing advice to bring an effective, personalized approach to health and fitness that anyone can use to get in better shape - even if they’ve tried and failed before. (Click here learn more)

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Expert guidance in designing a program from the ground up to fit your lifestyle.


Have a plan for any situation to stay focused on your goals - eating out, parties, travel, etc.


Weekly check-ins on progress and form using spreadsheets & video submissions.

Generic plans and strategies don't work because they don't take into consideration YOUR individual circumstances!

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Our methods work for EVERYONE

Dietary Restrictions

We work with you on your nutrition based on your lifestyle and physiological needs. This is about changing habits within YOUR existing lifestyle. Diet and nutrition are NOT a one-size-fits all solution.

Existing Injuries

We have customized plans for clients to work around any existing injuries. We will discuss with you any potential limitations and help you to create a plan to meet your goals. 

Limited Time

We use "intensity enhancers" to minimize time in the gym and maximize results. Most of our clients train 2-3 times per week with weights and 3-4 days per week of cardio with a heart rate monitor.  

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How is Functional Strength Coaching Structured?

Initial Phone Consultation

  • 1
    Provides information on physical condition, training experience, equipment availability, short and long-term goals and commitment to the process by the potential client.
  • 2
    Introduces our philosophy of combining all four inter-related disciplines of the transformative process - progressive resistance, cardio, nutrition and brain train.  

Remote Coaching

  • 1
    Creates a 12 week program focusing on the planned coordination of all four inter-related disciplines  using a periodized approach.
  • 2
    Provides video tutorials on the Core4 lifts of squat, bench, deadlift and overhead press for technique instruction. During the transformation process clients check in weekly to discuss training and nutrition progress.

One-on-one coaching is a serious investment and we are seeking dedicated individuals who are interested in making a long-term commitment to themselves. Why choose the Functional Strength Coaching Program?

Podcast on Remote Coaching

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Why choose the Functional Strength Coaching Program?

  • 1
    Time-compressed training system 
  • 2
    One on one feedback and accountability
  • 3
    55 years of experience in transforming clients
  • 4
    National and World championship training and coaching

Functional Strength Power Couple 

Marty Gallagher and Stacy Gallagher were married in 1999 and moved to rural Waynesboro, PA. Marty walked away from his full-time job as a COO of a  major political fundraising firm to become a full-time writer and trainer. Stacy left her full-time position as an executive working for a major accounting firm three years later to also pursue a career as a trainer. Click here for our About Page.

The Gallagher’s home has been a rural destination for world champion athletes, elite tier 1 military spec ops fighters and many of the world’s leading fitness experts and authorities. They have been immersed in a monk-like fitness lifestyle for over 20 years focusing on the tools of what they call the transformative template. Together the duo pursue what Gallagher labels, “The Tao of Fitness.” (See our pricing options below)

Functional Strength Coaching Packages



1 coaching session

Duration per session: 50 min



4 coaching sessions

Duration per session: 50 min

12 Week Program


12 coaching sessions

Duration per session: 50 min

What Functional Strength Clients Say!

Seven years ago I was caught by the Iron bug after reading the Purposeful Primitive. I have been following Marty Gallagher's work ever since. When Marty mentioned remote coaching on his RAW podcast I decided to inquire about his services. I love lifting weights and knew this was my chance to take my gains to the next level..

Using Skype and my pre-recorded training sessions as tools Marty has been able to significantly improve my techniques. This accountability has kept me highly motivated to improve my strength gains week after week. Not only have I gotten stronger Marty's vast knowledge has improved both my cardio and nutrition goals..

I am now feeling stronger and fitter than ever before. Working with Marty one-on-one has had a great influence on me and my transformation goals. 

Andre Steinauer

Project Manager - Destination Sports

Bern, Switzerland

Being a trainer & coach, and having done many courses in the health and fitness industry, there is no substitute for working 1-1 with experts who have been in the trenches for decades at the elite level. Nutrition, lifting techniques, cardio, and programming are all discussed each week and adapted where necessary.

Using my weekly pre-recorded videos to analyse my techniques and make adjustments I have been able to completely revamp my deadlift and squat technique. It feels as if Marty is in the room training me. These technique adjustments have eliminated the knee and back discomfort that I used to experience.

Even when picking up an injury (unrelated to exercise and training) Marty adapted the lifts to allow me to keep training and progressing, when normally without his guidance, I would have stopped to rest.

Miles Kempton

Personal Trainer

Upminster, United Kingdom

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