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Purposeful Primitive Bench/Overhead Press Workshop


Marty Gallagher and his team of experts have encyclopedic knowledge of the subject of progressive resistance and a lifetime of experience in lifting and developing other lifters. The combination of lecture, demonstration and hands-on application aids anyone from beginner to elite at taking their gains to the next level. Come join us at CrossfitKoncepts in Gaithersburg, MD for this educational workshop.  If you have any questions, please contact us at (See description below for more detail)

Meet the Team:
Marty Gallagher won his first National title in 1967 at age 17 as an Olympic lifter. He has won six National Masters Championships in three different weight classes as well as being a World Masters Champion in 1992. At age 46 he set a National record of 772lb squat and in 2013 at age 63 he set a National record of 450lb squat. As a coach he has guided several lifting greats to many USPF National and IPF World titles.

Kirk Karwoski won his first World Championship in 1989 at age 23. He has won seven National Championships and seven World Championships in three different weight classes. Kirk is the current world record holder in the squat (1,003 in the 275-pound class) and has posted a 600-pound raw bench press.

Jim Steel was the head strength and conditioning coach at University of Pennsylvania for 20-years and has coached elite athletes in 38 collegiate sports.

Championship techniques to dig the deepest possible muscular inroad. These techniques are augmented with the tactic of learning how to make light weights heavy to keep the trainee safe as they explore the outer limits of strength capacities. We teach 5 sequential variations of the bench press and overhead press to ingrain technique and give an entry level start point to the program.

• Proper bench pressing is unrivaled for building and strengthening upper and lower pectorals, front and side deltoids, triceps, and to a lesser extent, lats.

• Proper overhead pressing is unrivaled for building and strengthening front and side deltoids, upper pectorals, triceps, and to a lesser extent, lats.

Periodization tactics and strategies to turn exercising into training. This practical programming knowledge can be implemented by anyone to break through training stagnation at any level. A goal without a plan is a wish.

Come join us on Saturday, February 29 for the Purposefully Primitive Bench/Overhead Press workshop to learn the methods of the elite and how this approach can take you to the next level of your physique and performance!

Anyone joining us from out of town we would recommend any of the Marriott properties at Rio/Washingtonian. They are inexpensive if you book far enough in advance and everything you could possibly need is within walking distance. ?

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