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Peak Athletic Performance with the BOSU Elite

peak athletic performance

Balance is the key to all movement requiring the center of gravity over the base of support.  Peak athletic performance comes from being able to improve balance, strength and proprioceptive awareness creating greater functionality.  The unique dome shaped design of the BOSU ball creates a training stimulus that safely upsets balance and challenges the center of gravity over the base of support at a reflexive level. The BOSU Elite is the next generation of the BOSU balance trainer both created by David Weck. The BOSU Elite is not about instability training as its predecessor, but resistance training.

The original BOSU balance trainer’s dome is made of a pliable material that creates instability.  The BOSU Elite’s dome is made of a high-density material that is not as pliable.  It provides a powerful dynamic elastic resistance when pressure is applied to the dome that combines the benefits of stability and resistance training.  This excites untapped muscle fibers taking the muscles to a max force limit.

WeckMethod Training Overview

WeckMethod training focuses on improving both internal and external balance to improve body biomechanics that aid in better functionality and athletic coordination.  It combines innovative equipment and specialized training to enhance the body’s vertical and rotational movements.

Why Is This Important? 

A properly functioning balance system allows humans to see clearly while moving, identify orientation with respect to gravity, determine direction and speed of movement, and make automatic postural adjustments to maintain posture and stability in various conditions and activities.

This is achieved and maintained by a complex set of sensorimotor controls that include sensory input from vision (sight), proprioception (touch) and the vestibular system (motion, equilibrium, spatial orientation).  There is an integration of the sensory input coming from these three balance systems with motor output to the eyes and muscles.  Many different factors can disrupt or impair our balance from injury to aging or even psychological factors.  For more information on the role of these three balance systems see “The Human Balance System.”

How Does WeckMethod Training Improve Balance and Coordination?

WeckMethod training is based on four principles: bone alignment, fascial integration, spiraling and optimizing symmetry/asymmetry.  It utilizes a somatic approach which emphasizes internal physical perception and experience.  The term is used in movement therapy to signify approaches based on the soma, or “the body as perceived from within.”  The key to internal balance is tensegrity which refers to the balance and suspension of the bones within the soft tissue.

peak athletic performanceStanding on the surface of the dome challenges sensorimotor controls and safely upsets internal balance connecting strength to the centerline.  Both hemispheres of the brain are forced to communicate with each other and work in better harmony.  The left side of the brain is responsible for controlling the right side of the body and performing tasks that have to do with logic.  The right side of the brain is responsible for controlling the left side of the body and performing tasks that have to do with creativity.  When there is synergy between both halves of the brain the body can work more optimally.

BOSU Elite’s New Design Features

The BOSU Elite maintains the dome shaped design of the original BOSU ball, but the material composition of the dome has changed.  The new high-density material creates resistance between your feet and the dome or your hands peak athletic performanceand the dome.  This intensifies feedback to the feet or hands and gives a more powerful exchange of energy between the two.

The BOSU Elite’s high-density dome also creates more stability than the original BOSU balance trainer.  There is a dimension of instability to the dome, but because of the upward/outward resistance from the dome material it is easier to find a balanced position.  This aids the user in targeting and maintaining specific training positions that would be difficult to perform in the more unstable environment of the original BOSU balance trainer.

The new high-density dome design also includes features that aid the user in how to position their body and feet on the ball for maximal results.  Different foot and hand positions on the dome create different force vectors and training stimulus.

peak athletic performanceThe Power Zone with its honeycomb design creates a non-slip work zone.  It guides the user to the optimal training area on the dome to promote proper loading throughout the body and maximize the dynamic resistance.

The numbered Power Line guides the body positioning of the hands and feet on the dome for different variations of feedback, tension, ranges of motion and alignment.  A narrow foot position (place toes on the 2’s) will create a different training result than a wide foot position (place toes on the 6’s).  This allows for many different postural variations to be trained.

WeckMethod Compression Training

With a new training tool comes a new training focus.  This new training methodology focuses on resistance and compression.  It not only conditions your body for overall performance, but also helps to target the glutes and the dual function of the adductors as flexors and extensors.  By compressing the BOSU Elite’s dome an intense resistance is created that excites the nervous system to fire more force faster.  This builds TRUE core strength and primes your body to be lighter on the ground, faster on the floor and more powerful under the bar.

peak athletic performanceI was recently introduced to this tool and compression training protocols by its inventor.  This innovative training strategy opened a door to a tangible physical awareness and fluidity.  A very exciting thing happens when you jump off the dome after engaging it.  The feet feel light and bouncy and the body becomes more engaged.

This new innovative technique is called muscle priming and is a great way to prep the body before any athletic endeavor.  Priming sets are performed in less than 30 seconds.  The effect on the nervous system is profound as this method aids the user in harnessing the full power of the posterior chain balanced through the balls of the feet.  Previously untapped muscle fibers deep within the largest muscles of the body are engaged.  This enables the user to lift heavier weights, run faster and jump higher.

Check out David Weck’s video on Compression Training!

BOSU Elite Rating

I would give the BOSU Elite a five star rating.  David Weck’s innovative training dome has aided me in healing poor movement patterns created by a stage 3 spondylolisthesis.  The Elite’s unique training stimulus is helping me fix and access proper rotation of my right hip.  The soft tissue in response to the spondy rotates it out of alignment on a regular basis.  By accessing 4th/5th metatarsal on right foot the right hip stays in place longer.  I also practice wiggling those toes while driving which seems to help mitigate sitting for my long drives to and from clients.  The soft tissue wants to curl me up into a contorted position when I am tired.  It has been so great to be able to fight against these forces and improve my daily squat form.

peak athletic performance



  1. Erick Aviles

    We definitely use the bosu to train some of the best athletes around the world, where I live here in Utah it’s very common especially in Park City there is a lot of skiers and balance for them its a big thing.

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thanks for the comment! The BOSU Elite is a completely different feel than the original BOSU. It’s not as much about balance as it is about creating power. I am fortunate that David Weck, the inventor, recently visited my husband to discuss training protocols and ran me through a demo. Great to have a private tutorial!


  2. Karla

    Great info Stacy, I am currently looking for exercises that can help me with balance. The problem is that I have some problems in my calves and Achilles tendon that make the balance training very painful. Do you think this can be a good option for me? It looks a bit softer to my heels than the conventional methods. I think!

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thanks for the comment! If you are using a board for balance training I can see where it could be painful to your calves and achilles tendon. The BOSU Elite’s dome gives back as much resistance as you exert against the ball. If following David Weck’s protocols it is about exerting force on the 4th and 5th metatarsal in the foot and feeling a grip with those outside toes that activates the glutes and hamstrings. Not a lot of pressure is placed directly on the heels. I am using the Elite with great success with older clients who are accessing greater balance, athleticism and fluidity. I think it is a great balance option for the beginner as well as the elite athlete.


  3. Jasmine

    This was a great article. I did not know this type of exercise could improve strength. I am no longer an athlete but I do workout every week and my goal is to be able to lift heavier weights. This looks like something that could help me on my fitness journey. Thanks for the information.

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thanks for the comment!  Prior to meeting David Weck I didn’t understand why the BOSU was an important fitness tool.  The BOSU Elite is an amazing priming, precursor to any lifting or physical effort.  My hubbie is one of the top strength guys in the US and both he and I are seeing great results for ourselves and our clients.  The priming work improves biomechanical feel and connection leading to better muscular recruitment in any chosen physical activity not just lifting.  I have a 72 year old client who plays tennis who is reaping the benefits of this tool on the tennis court.  I hope you take the time to explore this tool more.  It really is revolutionary!



  4. Tom


    The Bosu is a really good piece of workout equipment. It is actually really versatile.

    I use it quite a lot in the gym. Standing on it doing bicep curls, shoulder presses, squats etc helps with core strength. This is useful for my mountain biking and snowboarding.

    For the extra challenge I like to use it upside down, so the round part is in contact with the floor. This makes it more wobbly.

    It is also great to use as a platform for press ups and planks.

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thanks for the comment!  The BOSU Elite is a bit different beast.  The dome tension creates resistance forces unlike the BOSU original.  Where the BOSU original is about instability, the BOSU Elite’s high density dome applies upward resistance which challenges the nervous system in a more intense way.  Check out David’s compression squat video below!

  5. Marta

    Hi Stacy,
    Thanks for sharing!
    I knew About the original Bosu but it’s the first time I hear about Bosu Elite. It seems to be a great tool, and perhaps I need it. Wanted to know if there is a specific video with exercises you can do with it. I’ve seen the video you posted, and it’s okay, but as I’m not an expert of workouts, it would be easier for me if I’d see someone doing exercise on it.
    Thank you again.

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