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BOSU Elite and Centerline Strength

peak athletic performance

Balance is the key to all movement requiring the center of gravity over the base of support.  Peak athletic performance comes from being able to improve balance, strength and proprioceptive awareness creating greater functionality.  The BOSU Elite is the next generation of the BOSU balance trainer both created by David Weck. The BOSU Elite combines both the instability training of the original BOSU balance trainer with resistance and compression training.

How Does the BOSU Elite Work?

The unique dome shaped design of the original BOSU and the BOSU Elite create a training stimulus that safely upsets balance and challenges the center of gravity over the base of support at a reflexive level. 

Optimal centerline strength is the result of a properly functioning balance system. This allows humans to see clearly while moving, identify orientation with respect to gravity, determine direction and speed of movement, and make automatic postural adjustments to maintain posture and stability in various conditions and activities.

Balance is achieved and maintained by a complex set of sensorimotor controls that include sensory input from vision (sight), proprioception (touch) and the vestibular system (motion, equilibrium, spatial orientation). There is an integration of the sensory input coming from these three balance systems with motor output to the eyes and muscles.  Many different factors can disrupt or impair our balance from injury to aging or even psychological factors.  For more information on the role of these three balance systems see “The Human Balance System.”

When our balance system becomes impaired even slightly the body responds by trying to regain balance.  This causes the body to contort and morph into different positions to escape pain and discomfort. The result is muscle dysfunction contributing to poor posture.  Poor posture hinders the body's ability to function optimally both inside and out.  Below is a graphic showing how breathing is effected by compromised posture

bosu elite

Standing on the surface of the dome challenges sensorimotor controls and safely upsets internal balance connecting strength to the centerline. Both hemispheres of the brain are forced to communicate with each other and work in better harmony.  The left side of the brain is responsible for controlling the right side of the body and performing tasks that have to do with logic.  The right side of the brain is responsible for controlling the left side of the body and performing tasks that have to do with creativity.  When there is synergy between both halves of the brain the body can work more optimally.

bosu elite

BOSU Elite's New Design Features

The BOSU Elite maintains the dome shaped design of the original BOSU ball, but the material composition of the dome has changed.  The new high-density material provides a powerful dynamic elastic resistance when pressure is applied to the dome that combines the benefits of stability and resistance training. This creates resistance between your feet and the dome or your hands and the dome exciting untapped muscle fibers. When these fibers are activated the body can move more optimally with improved posture and performance.

bosu elite

The BOSU Elite’s high-density dome also creates more stability than the original BOSU balance trainer. There is a dimension of instability to the dome, but because of the upward/outward resistance from the dome material it is easier to find a balanced position.  This aids the user in targeting and maintaining specific training positions that would be difficult to perform in the more unstable environment of the original BOSU balance trainer.

The new high-density dome design also includes features that aids the user in how to position their body and feet on the ball for maximal results.  Different foot and hand positions on the dome create different force vectors and training stimulus.

The Power Zone with its honeycomb design creates a non-slip work zone.  It guides the user to the optimal training area on the dome to promote proper loading throughout the body and maximize the dynamic resistance.

The numbered Power Line guides the body positioning of the hands and feet on the dome for different variations of feedback, tension, ranges of motion and alignment.  A narrow foot position (place toes on the 2’s) will create a different training result than a wide foot position (place toes on the 6’s).  This allows for many different postural variations to be trained.

bosu elite

Why the BOSU Elite is Important? 

I was introduced to this tool and compression training protocols by its inventor. This innovative training strategy opened a door to a tangible physical awareness and fluidity that I had never experienced. A very exciting thing happens when you jump off the dome after engaging it. The feet feel light and bouncy and the body becomes more engaged. Incorporating this tool into training protocols helps to find optimal posture prior to training to avoid injury and maximize training sessions. It also aids the trainee in replacing detrimental postural habits and improving overall strength.  

This new training methodology focuses on resistance and compression.  It not only conditions your body for overall performance, but also helps to target the glutes and the dual function of the adductors as flexors and extensors.  By compressing the BOSU Elite’s dome an intense resistance is created that excites the nervous system to fire more force faster.  This builds TRUE core strength and primes your body to be lighter on the ground, faster on the floor and more powerful under the bar.

This new innovative technique is called muscle priming and is a great way to prep the body before any athletic endeavor.  Priming sets are performed in less than 30 seconds.  The effect on the nervous system is profound as this method aids the user in harnessing the full power of the posterior chain balanced through the balls of the feet.  Previously untapped muscle fibers deep within the largest muscles of the body are engaged.  This enables the user to lift heavier weights, run faster and jump higher.

What is WeckMethod Training?

David Weck, the inventor of the BOSU, takes a somatic approach to his inventions and WeckMethod training focusing on improving both internal and external balance to improve body biomechanics that aid in better functionality and athletic coordination. His innovative equipment and specialized training enhance the body's vertical and rotational movements.

WeckMethod training is based on four principles: bone alignment, fascial integration, spiraling and optimizing symmetry/asymmetry. The key to internal balance is tensegrity which refers to the balance and suspension of the bones within the soft tissue. According to David, 

"It's about balancing both sides of your body, balancing strength and coordination, balancing power and efficiency, and balancing athletic movement with proper body alignment.
Our training objective is simple: to provide everyone, regardless of age or ability, innovative techniques and equipment to help continuously improve athletic movement and sustainable functional strength."
peak athletic performance

The evolution of WeckMethod training for the BOSU Elite is a break through for sports performance. The muscle priming effect is immediate if executed properly. Daily use gives profound effects in movement and posture.

Below are testimonials from satisfied customers who appreciate David's improved design and features.

bosu elite

For more information on how to incorporate the BOSU Elite into your training, check out this video on Compression Training!

BOSU Elite Rating

I would give the BOSU Elite a five star rating.  David Weck's innovative training dome has aided me in healing poor movement patterns created by a grade 3 spondylolisthesis (75% vertebral slippage L5/S1). The Elite's unique training stimulus is helping me fix and access proper rotation of my right hip. The soft tissue in response to the spondy rotates it out of alignment on a regular basis. By accessing 4th/5th metatarsal on right foot the right hip stays in place longer.  I also practice wiggling those toes while driving which seems to help mitigate sitting for my long drives to and from clients. The soft tissue wants to curl me up into a contorted position when I am tired.  It has been so great to be able to fight against these forces and improve my daily squat form.


Peak athletic performance by priming the body using WeckMethod principles!

BOSU Elite

Price: $199.95

Want to Learn More About the BOSU Elite? has created several BOSU Elite videos that sold me on the tool. Click on the button below to discover the versatility of this unique tool!


  1. Erick Aviles

    We definitely use the bosu to train some of the best athletes around the world, where I live here in Utah it’s very common especially in Park City there is a lot of skiers and balance for them its a big thing.

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thanks for the comment! The BOSU Elite is a completely different feel than the original BOSU. It’s not as much about balance as it is about creating power. I am fortunate that David Weck, the inventor, recently visited my husband to discuss training protocols and ran me through a demo. Great to have a private tutorial!


  2. Karla

    Great info Stacy, I am currently looking for exercises that can help me with balance. The problem is that I have some problems in my calves and Achilles tendon that make the balance training very painful. Do you think this can be a good option for me? It looks a bit softer to my heels than the conventional methods. I think!

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thanks for the comment! If you are using a board for balance training I can see where it could be painful to your calves and achilles tendon. The BOSU Elite’s dome gives back as much resistance as you exert against the ball. If following David Weck’s protocols it is about exerting force on the 4th and 5th metatarsal in the foot and feeling a grip with those outside toes that activates the glutes and hamstrings. Not a lot of pressure is placed directly on the heels. I am using the Elite with great success with older clients who are accessing greater balance, athleticism and fluidity. I think it is a great balance option for the beginner as well as the elite athlete.


  3. Jasmine

    This was a great article. I did not know this type of exercise could improve strength. I am no longer an athlete but I do workout every week and my goal is to be able to lift heavier weights. This looks like something that could help me on my fitness journey. Thanks for the information.

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thanks for the comment!  Prior to meeting David Weck I didn’t understand why the BOSU was an important fitness tool.  The BOSU Elite is an amazing priming, precursor to any lifting or physical effort.  My hubbie is one of the top strength guys in the US and both he and I are seeing great results for ourselves and our clients.  The priming work improves biomechanical feel and connection leading to better muscular recruitment in any chosen physical activity not just lifting.  I have a 72 year old client who plays tennis who is reaping the benefits of this tool on the tennis court.  I hope you take the time to explore this tool more.  It really is revolutionary!



  4. Tom


    The Bosu is a really good piece of workout equipment. It is actually really versatile.

    I use it quite a lot in the gym. Standing on it doing bicep curls, shoulder presses, squats etc helps with core strength. This is useful for my mountain biking and snowboarding.

    For the extra challenge I like to use it upside down, so the round part is in contact with the floor. This makes it more wobbly.

    It is also great to use as a platform for press ups and planks.

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thanks for the comment!  The BOSU Elite is a bit different beast.  The dome tension creates resistance forces unlike the BOSU original.  Where the BOSU original is about instability, the BOSU Elite’s high density dome applies upward resistance which challenges the nervous system in a more intense way.  Check out David’s compression squat video below!

  5. Marta

    Hi Stacy,
    Thanks for sharing!
    I knew About the original Bosu but it’s the first time I hear about Bosu Elite. It seems to be a great tool, and perhaps I need it. Wanted to know if there is a specific video with exercises you can do with it. I’ve seen the video you posted, and it’s okay, but as I’m not an expert of workouts, it would be easier for me if I’d see someone doing exercise on it.
    Thank you again.

  6. Sophie

    Hi Stacy,

    I have never seen this before and although I’m not an avid fitness person I am always conscious of my posture and looking for easy ways to build strength so this really intrigues me. I also learnt a lot from you very informative piece which I’ll put into practice! Thanks for sharing.

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thanks for the comment! Good posture is the key to so many things both internally and externally. The BOSU Elite has helped so many of my clients with good body awareness and priming that extends into their everyday lives. Glad I could share a different perspective! Have a great day!

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thanks for the read! This would absolutely help with your dancing. The high density dome challenges the body to find a balanced position. It forces the feet to activate and stabilize thereby balancing the rest of the body. Good luck on your journey!


  7. Devara Garrison

    Hello Stacy,

    I really enjoyed this article and especially the video demonstration of the Bosu Elite. It really grabbed my attention for a while… never heard of such a thing, but such a great idea!

    I will certainly have to check it out and do some more research. It seems to help body parts I never even thought about.

    I try to stay in shape and encourage others to as well. I will share this article with my friends and benefit from the information you have given for my own personal fitness awareness.

    I’m serious about staying in shape and being healthy, but never dug deep into actual strength training. This may be my next adventure.

    Thanks so much for sharing this information. I enjoyed reading this and will surely be exploring your site for more great stuff!

    Best wishes,

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thank you for the read! I had never worked with a BOSU until about 2 years ago. The tool has been a game changer for myself and my clients. It helps clients better access and coordinate the body. This deep awakening aids in accessing a better mind-muscle connection critical for any athletic endeavor. As you explore your strength training journey please let me know if you have any questions along the way.


  8. Asen

    Hey Stacy,

    To be honest, I’ve seen such ‘machines’in fitness gyms but I’ve never tried them.

    I am kind of a weight lifting guy.

    However, after reading your article I am motivated to test and improve my balance and strength. It’s surely important. And Bosu intrigues me.

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thanks for your comment! I had the same reaction to the half ball as well. I also come from a weight lifting background. What changed my mind was when we had a visit from the inventor of the ball, David Weck. He ran me through the procedure of using and connecting to the surface of the ball with my feet. Then we squatted. By challenging the feet I could feel greater overall physical engagement during the lift. This engagement has definitely benefited both my balance and strength. Thanks.


  9. Luz

    Very good read. Because I am in very interested in health and wellness I really enjoyed the information you provided on balance. I had no idea that balance was controlled by 3 different sensorimotor controls. Another bit of information that was quite helpful to me was that about posture.I didn’t know that poor posture affects our bodies internally as you stated in your article. Its quite amazing what’s available for the rehabilitation and training of athletes and even regular people.

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thanks for the comment! My clients love the benefits that they get from standing and training on the BOSU Elite. Their feet become more rooted to the ground and they create a better connection to their core strength. This translates to being able to lift heavier and in a more connected way to their bodies enhancing their innate athletic ability. I appreciate the read!


  10. Benson

    This is the first time i am coming across this device and its really amazing from what i have read. The ability to have a balance when standing is something that requires a lot of training and even as an athlete, i have series of training session to be able to keep a balance for long. Inahev lots of equipments i work with and adding this to it would increase my chances of gaining great balance

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thank you for your interest.  This product really focuses on activating and helping to train the strength of the feet as well as the body.  There is a famous practitioner named Vladimir Janda out of Prague who discovered that postural deficiencies occur when the connection of the bottoms of the feet to the ground are altered over time. There are tons of nerve endings in the bottoms of the feet.  When the foot no longer engages one of these locations it atrophies and the connection is lost.  This can then be reflected somewhere else in the body as an immobile ankle, hip, shoulder, neck, etc.  Learning how to stand on the ball correctly can reignite these connections to aid in better postural symmetry.  When postural alignment is improved overall athletic ability is improved.  My clients are making great gains in their lifting because of the improved postural awareness on the ball.

  11. Ropata

    This looks like some fine technology to increase core strength and my sense of balance. Never have I encountered this type of intelligence. I found your site looking for core strengthening systems and never thought I would something so intriguing.

    The BOSU elite is going to find a great spot in my living room and be made into a positive family challenge. Thanks for the intro and details about the best ways to use this modern contraption. 

    All the best Ropata 

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thank you for such a glowing review.  David Weck, the inventor, was quite a genius when developing this tool.  I use mine everyday to strengthen both the contact of my feet to the ground and my overall posture.  My clients love what they gain from utilizing this on a regular basis.  It gives me the ability to maximize my weight training efforts with them.  Enjoy!

  12. Bella

    Hello Stacy, thanks for sharing this wonderful post. I use to think balance comes from the ear because it has the centre of balance of the human body. Well getting a device that can help you develop you balance is super cool. When standing, if one is not on a good position is later affect other part of the body and over time that affected part wears out. The BOSU elite device has great importance and i hope to own one soon.

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thank you for your comment.  The genius of David Weck was his ability to discover and create the proper angles to challenge the soma (internal/external balance) that help the body find optimal posture.  When the body finds optimal posture a dynamic synergy occurs combatting degrading forces to our structure.  All my clients use this tool prior to their lifting to help them maximize their efforts.  One of my greatest success stories is of a 76 year old man who came to me 3 years ago with his head 3 inches too far forward.  Today his head is now only 1.5 inches too far forward.  Combining good lifting form with the body awarenesses created by the ball has allowed him to actually strengthen and change his posture.  I am sure this would be a great addition to your fitness regimen.

  13. Twack Romero

    To my shame it has to be said that it’s been a awhile since I have done any form of training. A handful of years ago I was heavilt into martial arts and this had a profound effect on my posture. I tied in regular workouts at home, one of which was something called Yogalates, as the name suggests, a combination of two disciplines. This had huge benefits to my core, which atill carry over to today.

    The Bosu Elite looks to be something that will combine all the areas that I have worked on in the past. I did have a Swiss ball for a time but couldn’t get on with it. I like the stability of the Bosu and with the added resistance, I can already see the benefits.

    Improvements in core and posture have a knock on of enhancing how we breath, which in turn can help our overall welbeing and also our lymphatic sytem ,when breathing is done right. This is definitely something for me to consider as I can use it wihin my home.

    • Stacy Gallagher

      What in incredibly informed comment!  I use this tool in my everyday life to combat the degrading effects of a grade 3 spondy (50-75% collapse of the spine at L5-S1).  It allows me to stay connected to my core and my breathing which as you describe above are key to overall health and well-being.  At 53 I have ABSOLUTELY no physical limitations.  In an average day I can ride two horses (one bareback), train clients in core4 lifts (squat, deadlift, bench, overhead press) and still have core stability to work on inside/outside projects around the house.  Hopefully you are inspired to get back to your training.  It is an essential part of my everyday life!


  14. Travis

    My son just started playing football recently, and he is wanting to be in the backfield more often running the ball. The coach said he needed to work on his balance, this would be perfect for him! I’m going to get this for him to work during the off season. Thank you so much for the review! 

  15. David ben

    I found this article incredibly informative and helpful.  The idea of challenging both the balance of the brain and body by using this tool is intriguing.  I can see where both athletes and average folks could benefit from utilizing this tool.  Do you find that this really aids clients in better physical performance?

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thank you for your comment!  This invention is quite remarkable in its ability to identify postural deficiencies and correct postural deficiencies over time.  Directing tension through the feet and the rest of the body against the high density dome forces the feet to activate and ground while awakening the centerline strength of the rest of the body.

  16. Jake

    Quality is so important when purchasing training equipment.  It is clear from reading this article that the BOSU Elite is the original gold standard in balance ball equipment.  Serious trainees who invest several hours a week into their training are clearly benefiting from incorporating this tool into their daily regimen.  The positive reviews and comments of this tool tell the tale of happy customers.  I am looking forward to sharing this information with my clients as I think they will find it highly beneficial.

  17. Danijel

    Hello Stacy, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I heard about BOSU from my friend but I decided to read some review on this thing and I did not make a mistake. I will definitely get one BOSU Elite for me and my wife, it is pretty affordable compared to its features. I have never done a compression training before, this will definitely be interesting.

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thank you for your comment.  I use the elite everyday as a tool to keep and maintain my balance and athleticism.  The high density dome provides incredible resistance to feet and hands.  The harder you press against the dome the more resistance the dome reflects back.  My personal training clients have been incredibly satisfied using this tool as a primer prior to our training. Please let me know your experience if you decide to proceed with the compression training. 

  18. Claudio

    What a great invention!  The idea of standing on the surface of the dome of the BOSU Elite forcing both hemispheres of the brain to engage for balance is an exciting concept.  The truth of this concept surprises me.  Does standing on the ball really allow a trainee to make automatic postural adjustments to maintain posture and stability in various conditions?

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thank you for your comment!  The answer to your question is YES!  It has been such a wonderful surprise for me to incorporate this into the training that I do with my clients.  The tool has given great postural feedback that we can then carry into our weight training workouts.

  19. Bai Asha

    Hello Stacy, I heard about BOSU from my friend but I decided to read some review on this thing and I did not make a mistake. It is clear from reading this article that the BOSU Elite is the original gold standard in balance ball equipment. I will definitely get one BOSU Elite for me and my husband, it is pretty affordable compared to its features. Thanks for sharing

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thanks for the read!  I love the BOSU Elite!  I use it with my clients for many things from muscle priming to balance.  The link at the end of the post to David’s videos shows the versatility of this powerful tool.  I hope you enjoy your purchase. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

  20. Shimba

    Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this post. I did not know what Bosu elite was and I appreciate these details. I think from your review, Bosu elite is a great method to use and I like this will help me to maintain my body balance. Can I order multiple orders at one time?

    • Stacy Gallagher

      Thanks for the read!  WeckMethod products are amazing!  When you click through to the site you will be able to purchase multiple items at one time.  The pulsers and coiling core are incredibly helpful at improving running gait and rhythm.  The RMT club is an excellent tool for improving any kind of swinging motion – tennis, baseball, golf. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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