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strength training workouts at home

Crosscore – The Best Suspension Trainer for Strength Training Workouts at Home

When it comes to strength training workouts at home, the CrossCore Suspension Training System is a superior tool to all other suspension trainers on the market.  For the first time a home trainer using a portable training device can replicate the results derived from barbells and dumbbells by allowing the body to perform and move naturally strength training workouts at homewithout limitation.  By being able to replicate the motor pathway and payload used in barbells and dumbbells the trainee can replicate the positive benefits of strength training.  This is huge!  Instead of being restricted by static straps as is the case with other suspension trainers, the CrossCore Suspension Training System uses all three planes of motion for real movement that produces better results.

This Wikipedia definition gives a good summation of the physical process and benefits of strength training.  The greatest truth for me (In the definition) is “strength training can provide significant functional benefits and improvement in overall health and well-being.”  The CrossCore system gives the user a greater ability to tap into the functional benefits of strength training.

Dynamic Stabilization

The unique, patented pulley pin engagement system gives the CrossCore a leg up on the competition.  When the pin is in the CrossCore mimics other suspension trainers.  However, when the pin is removed a greater level of instability strength training workouts at homeis created, forcing the body into dynamic stabilization.  Dynamic stabilization occurs when abdominals, spinal extensors and gluteal muscles work in coordination with each other and intra-abdominal pressure is regulated by the central nervous system.

A CrossCore workout produces better results in strength and power because it taps into this state.    The core instability helps the user maximize their training efforts.  As with other suspension trainers resistance for most exercises can be increased or decreased in “micro increments,” simply by moving the feet forward or backward a few inches. The CrossCore is an ideal portable resistance training tool useful for both beginner and advanced trainees.

Training Posture

meditation tipsThe first thing I work on with any new trainee on the CrossCore is how to use the breath to stabilize their core.  Helping people learn how to change from a chest breathing pattern to a belly breathing pattern gives them the ability to find a better postural position.  This practice helps the trainee achieve optimal posture prior to executing a movement.  If the body is stacked properly a better mind-muscle connection can be achieved during each rep.  See “How do you find breath?” in blog post.

Training Exercises

The instability created by leaving the pin out on the CrossCore forces the core to activate to a greater degree than static straps.  Additionally the patented rope adjuster system lets the user easily shorten or lengthen the pulley rope depending on the exercise performed.  Below are video clips showing the key upper/lower body exercises that I use as the foundation of my CrossCore workout.  I will also demonstrate how to use the pulley system to work on muscular imbalances by focusing on only one side of the body while keeping the other side stabilized.

Back Exercises

strength training workouts at homeThe following graphic illustrates the muscles being used in pulling exercises. Grip width and hand position determine which back muscles will be isolated to the greatest degree.  For this demonstration I will show a wide grip pull (handles apart/palms facing down), narrow grip pull (handles clipped together/palms facing each other), and a wide grip pull combined with a one arm rotational pull.



Check Out Video for Pull Variations!

Chest Exercises

strength training workouts at homeThe following graphic illustrates the muscles being used in pressing exercises.  Again grip width and hand position determine which chest muscles will be isolated to the greatest degree.  For this demonstration I will show a chest press (handles apart/palms facing down in push up position), fly (handles apart/palms facing each other), and a one arm chest press.



Check Out Video for Press Variations!

Leg Exercises

strength training workouts at homeThe following graphic illustrates the muscles being used in these leg exercises.  For this demonstration I will be reviewing a basic squat, side lunge and one legged squat/lunge.





Check Out Video for Leg Training Variations!

The flexibility of the patented pulley design allows for a multitude of exercise variations.  The ones demonstrated above are but just a few.  The pulley also makes CrossCore an excellent tool for training both mobility and flexibility in multiple movement planes as well as strength.  It can be used across many disciplines from martial arts to baseball to golf to pilates to yoga.

Recap of CrossCore System Features

  • Pin Engagement System™ can be locked to stop the rotation of the pulley wheel when stable movements are desired
  • Unlocking Pin Engagement System allows pulley wheel to rotate freely and enables CrossCore® to act as a pulley machine by attaching a counterweight, such as a kettlebell, dumbbell or sandbag, to one end. Using two counterweighted CrossCore units spaced eight feet apart makes for one of the smoothest cable crossovers on the market
  • Rope Adjuster Device™ allows for true self-leveling handles / foot and arm cradles. No more readjusting the height of your handles in the middle of your workout
  • Handles/foot and arm cradles pad the feet and arms when performing certain exercises like knee raises and hamstring curls. These cradles open and close for a snug fit on the hands and feet so the user won’t slip out while exercising
  • The mountain climbing grade rope used for the pulley is rated up to 1,200lbs. The anchor strap with cam buckle is rated up to 1,800 lbs. The adjustable handles / foot and arm cradles with ergonomic grips and webbing are rated up to 1,800 lbs. Each handle has heavy-duty climbing-grade carabiner rated up to 2,000 lbs. The CrossCore is built to withstand any load.  The cam buckle is rated up to 750lbs.
  • Take it with you! Your CrossCore® system weighs about 4 lbs. (1.8 kg) and can go with you to the park, to the gym, on vacation or wherever for a change of pace, and it all fits into a convenient carry bag
  • Warranty: Pulley Unit 2-Years | Everything Else 1-Year
  • Ship Weight: 4 lbs.


CrossCore Ratingstrength training workouts at home

I would give the CrossCore Suspension Training System a 5 star rating for its versatility and portability.  It is the priciest suspension trainer on the market, however its patented pulley design and easy rope adjuster give the user many more training options compared to those of static straps.  The tool can be installed one of two ways:

  1. The anchor strap has a cam buckle on it that easily goes over a door. Putting the cam clip and webbing over a door and shutting the door on it towards you provides the easiest, most stable option without any strength training workouts at homeadditional installation.  When you pull the door shut towards you over the webbing with the clip on the other side you have complete stability.
  2. The second option is to install something like the Dimok X-mount Wall Bracket to the wall.  It must be mounted to the studs for stability.  Once the bracket is installed a carabiner can be attached to the webbing with the cam buckle.  Click it into the bracket and you are ready to go.

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strength training workouts at home

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 strength training workouts at home

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