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The kettlebell can be a valuable tool in learning the proper techniques and tactics of the squat. At a recent Squat and Deadlift Workshop taught by Marty Gallagher and Kirk Karwoski, the kettlebell goblet squat was used to to demonstrate proper squatting technique that ultimately will be applied to the barbell squat. In the video, you’ll see Marty Gallagher instructing Mike Krivka from both a front and side view. We seek out the sticking points instead of avoiding them and we work to make light weight heavy. 

The high bar back squat as taught by Marty Gallagher and “Captain” Kirk Karwoski. The high bar back squat is performed with the Olympic bar sitting on top of the traps. The high bar will create more instability as opposed to the low bar squat but it is this instability that help maintain the upright torso. Depth is critical. The hip joint must go below the knee joint. Bone on bone (hips and knees) must lockout to prevent energy leakage between each rep. Keep the head up and elbows down. 

Today we discussed Ken Patera.  Listen to Marty give great back story when he finally meets up with Ken Patera. Enjoy! (Take a listen)

Check out the article, "Chasing Ken Patera," that sparked the podcast! 

Today we discussed methods for post training recovery including nutrition, rest, supplementation, hydrotherapy, cryotherapy and more.. (Take a listen)

Today we discussed four limb cardio training protocols, different cardio training devices and our opinions of the fan bike. (Take a listen)

Today we discussed our experiences with different supplements beginning in the early 1960's, through the 80's to present. (Take a listen)

Today we discussed how to keep things fresh while adhering to a purposefully reduced exercise menu including variations of the "core four" lifts, intensity enhancers, training frequency and more. (Take a listen)

Today we were joined by Brad Gillingham, 6-time IPF World Champion & 13-time USAPL National Powerlifting Champion. He discusses his start in lifting, his career and his future goals at the age of 52. (Take a listen)

Today we discussed minimizing the strength training menu for phenomenal muscle and strength gains. It focussed on minimalistic intensity training vs. volume training. (Take a listen)

Today we finished discussing once-a-week training. Topics included minimal training for young athletes; limit lifting without getting injured; and programming variables to avoid stagnation. (Take a listen)

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