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The overarching Purposeful Primitive training strategy is rooted in progressive resistance minimalism: the concept of doing fewer things better.  The training menu is reduced to a bare minimum; extreme exertion is combined with highly specific techniques to elicit maximal physiological results.  Full and complete range of motion movements and highly specific body positions combine to make light weights heavy.

By using intensity enhancing tactics in conjunction with signature techniques, trainees get the most (results) for the least (time investment).  In this E-course we will share with you a time-compressed, highly efficient strength training regimen complemented with signature techniques that increase raw strength and power to a significant degree in a relatively short timeframe.  When enacted with the requisite intensity and exactitude, this simplistic yet sophisticated system of strength is without rival.

The first step to setting up a transformation program is to sync up progressive resistance, cardio and nutrition methods with a goal – get stronger or get leaner. This starts with an accurate assessment of where you are now and what you seek to become.  Using creeping incrementalism the Purposeful Primitive Training Template incrementally and methodically takes the trainee to a predetermined, physiological goal at the end of a periodized timeframe – transformed.

By starting with a realistic desired end goal and working backwards to the start date, the trainee establishes small weekly benchmarks for each lifting session, cardio session and weight loss/gain goals.  When these three transformative pillars are synchornized the body has no choice but to accede to your self-imposed biologic imperatives.  

Transformative Pillars

Progressive Resistance Training

The profound purpose of proper resistance training is two-fold: trigger muscle growth and increase strength levels.


Aerobic exercise done consistently strengthens the muscles involved in respiration and actually strengthens the heart muscle.


The profound purpose of proper resistance training is two-fold: trigger muscle growth and increase strength levels.

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