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Stacy Gallagher has been involved in the fitness world for over 25 years.  About 25 years ago she met Marty Gallagher at the gym while working as a personal trainer. At that time Marty was a staff writer for Weider Publications and asked for help from her in a copy editing capacity. Accepting his offer began the fitness education of a lifetime. She traveled with him to the top bodybuilding and powerlifting events and gained a vast array of training knowledge that she utilized in her own competitive bodybuilding goals. She competed in bodybuilding for about 7 years winning a Ms. Maryland title that qualified her to compete at the National level. This was a formative time for her when she established nutrition and training habits that are her foundation still today.

In the 1990s she was drawn to zen meditation and yoga in an effort to feel more balanced with her mind and body. She was introduced to meditation through the book – “Zen Mind, Beginner Mind.”  It opened her to the idea of using my breath to control my state-of-mind.  She spent 30-45 minutes, 6 days a week sitting on a zabuton (meditation cushion) and zafu (meditation pillow) for about 4 years. This was the beginning of the awareness that breath control was the key to relieving her mind of its perpetual overthinking state.

In 2000 after moving to Pennsylvania she started an in-home personal training career. In addition to working with clients locally she and Marty hosted fitness camps at their rural home during his five year tenure working at The Washington Post.  She was a partner in the two year production of Marty Gallagher's seminole book "The Purposeful Primitive." After studying yoga for several years she began teaching at the local YMCA helping average folks with their training and flexibility.  

In 2002 she was diagnosed with Crohns disease.  She used nutrition strategies outlined by The Weston A. Price Foundation to bring her disease into remission. This gave her a unique perspective on the nutrition front that she utilizes in consulting with her clients. With their vast experience she and Marty decided to embark on transformation experiment with local obese clients incorporating his minimalistic training strategies combined with solid nutrition and monitored cardio for 90 days.  The results were astounding and were chronicled in Marty's book "The Purposeful Primitive." The participants lost an average of 35-40lbs, increased their strength by an average of 30-40% and significantly improved their cardio endurance using a heart rate monitor.

In 2012 she was in a terrible car accident where it was discovered that she had a grade 3 spondylolisthesis. Her yogic and training journey had helped her to stay functional despite the extreme postural imbalance but did not fix the imbalance. After the diagnosis she spent a year working with an amazing physical therapist who unlocked her body using Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS).

This therapy can help reset the nervous system improving control of posture, movement and gait.  This was another turning point for her in her fitness journey.  She learned additional rehab knowledge that could be used with clients and returned to training using CrossCore Hardcore protocols on the CrossCore suspension trainer instead of barbells and dumbbells.  The suspension trainer was a great entry level start back into weight training that allowed her to very incrementally increase her payload and slowly retrain her body.

Her unusual journey has aided her education both nutritionally and in remedial exercises that she uses in conjunction with Marty Gallagher's minimalistic training approach.  The CrossCore tool has given her the ability to give clients a great progressive resistance workout before transitioning them to training with weights.  She uses the squat, push and pull as a functional movement screen by identifying poor posture within each compound multi-joint movement.