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Learn why having a personal coach can make the difference in achieving your goals!

Our personal coaching program offers a customized approach based on over 55 years experience in working with thousands of clients from average folks to elites. We provide YOU with a plan to help you lose fat, build muscle, and get the body you want. 

Our mission is simple: cut through empty promises, bogus research, and confusing advice to bring an effective, personalized approach to health and fitness that anyone can use to get in better shape - even if they’ve tried and failed before.

Do you struggle with willpower in your nutrition?

Good nutrition is one of the biggest problems that we all face on the journey of health. Powders, bars and pills are pedaled as cure-all's to regular, healthy eating. The key to a sustainable nutrition habit is that the dieter likes the foods they eat and that those choices are whole, unprocessed foods. We call this Power Nutrition. Willpower needs to be replaced with enthusiasm for the nutritional journey.

Do you struggle with making gains in the gym?

It is difficult to sift through all the training information out there from Quora to Reddit to Pinterest to YouTube and come up with a successful plan. You can follow every suggestion and still not achieve your goals. The key to physical transformation is intensity and an effective plan. Intensity is created when the mind-muscle link is ignited. Without it progressive resistance and cardio are worthless. The Purposeful Primitive plan helps trainees create short-term achievable goals leading to long-term success.

We are here to give YOU a path to success!

Generic plans and strategies don't work because they don't take into consideration YOUR individual circumstances!

In our experience with thousands of trainees success comes IF you have the following:

What you get as a Functional Strength Coaching Client!

We are here to help and guide you along the journey of transformation and provide:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you still coach me if I have prior injuries?

We have over 55 years of experience in the fitness game and have customized plans for clients to work around existing injuries. Our system of strength can actually aid in the prevention of injuries because of the strict adherence to form. We will discuss with you any potential limitations and help you to create a plan to meet your goals. 

Can you help if I have dietary restrictions?

We will work with you on your nutrition based on your lifestyle and physiological needs. Diet and nutrition is NOT a one-size-fits all solution. We call our philosophy Power Nutrition. We help our clients identify healthy power foods that are local and attainable that they like, BUT do not require complicated prep, weighing or macros. This is about changing habits within YOUR existing lifestyle.

What kind of time commitment is involved?

Most of our coaching clients train 2-3 times per week.  We employ the use of "intensity enhancers" to minimize time in the gym and maximize results. We also recommend at least 3-4 days per week of cardio with a heart rate monitor. Heart rate monitoring is key to understanding the intensity of your cardio effort. When maximum intensity is employed time is ALWAYS dramatically reduced. This gives trainees the greatest results for the least amount of time.

Is Functional Strength Coaching worth cost?

In-person personal trainers can cost anywhere between $60-$150+/hour based on a wide variety of experience levels, gym overhead and location. This means that to train twice a week in the gym for a month costs $500-$1,000/month. This does NOT include any help on nutrition or the mental mindset needed to succeed.

One-on-one coaching is a serious investment. We offer a more well-rounded approach that is the culmination of years of experience. Because this is remote coaching we are able to offer our services at $450/month and provide additional consulting that you do NOT get at the gym.

We are seeking dedicated individuals who are interested in making a long-term commitment to themselves. Apply for an open spot below.

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