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About Functional Strength

Welcome to Functional Strength!   We are here to provide high quality information and advice on how to improve strength and vitality through the integration of techniques and tactics in four core disciplines - progressive resistance, cardio, nutrition and mental psyche. As we age, we lose functionality and therefore strength. This loss of functionality has a negative cascading effect to our health and well-being.

The goal of this site is to share with trainees tried and proven modes and methods, techniques and tactics passed along to us by our world champion mentors. These signature techniques were used by the very best in the World to become stronger and leaner and can help trainees to exercise critical thinking as it relates to physical training, nutrition and the subtle psychological aspects of the transformative process.  We have expropriated the methods used by these greats and utilize this information to transform clients all over the World. 

Strength and Power:  Athletes new to our system routinely make mathematically verifiable strength and power gains of 20-50% in 90 days. This assumes the procedures and protocols we offer are adhered to with the requisite precision and exactitude using our benchmarks. This dramatic degree of strength and power increase is the norm, not the exception. Our system is time-compressed and minimalistic.  We stress training intensity over training volume.  Because the degree of effort is so intense, maximal results, i.e. strength and muscle, can be attained with far less training. 

Injury Resistance:  Our strength strategy has the additional benefit of dramatically reducing injuries. Hardcore strength training strengthens and thickens tendons and ligaments; muscle insertion points become far more resistant to tearing and ripping.  Our highly specific techniques eliminate gaps of weakness and vulnerability by working muscles maximally and over a full and complete range-of-motion. Hardcore power training is optimal for injury proofing the human body.

Longevity:  Strengthening the human body factually retards the aging process. Strength enables the soldier/athlete to maintain a high level of function and capacity (with little or no degradation in performance) as the years roll by and the career lengthens. The continued use of minimalistic strength training (of sufficient intensity) enables the retention of muscle function and power late into life.  Strength is the last athletic attribute an athlete loses as they age – speed is first to flee; cardio follows while strength lingers longest. A man using our system can increase power and performance deep into the 40s – and maintain the strength of a fit teen into their 70s.

Purposeful Primitive Power Couple

Marty Gallagher and Stacy Gallagher were married in 1999 and moved to rural Waynesboro, PA. Marty walked away from his full-time job as a COO of a  major political fundraising firm to become a full-time writer and trainer. She left her position as an executive working for Arthur Andersen two years later to homeschool her learning disabled/hearing impaired daughter.

The Gallagher’s home has been a rural destination for world champion athletes, elite tier 1 military spec ops fighters and many of the world’s leading fitness experts and authorities. They have been immersed in a monk-like fitness lifestyle for over 20 years focusing on the tools of what they call the transformative template.  Together the duo pursue what Gallagher labels, “The Tao of Fitness.” 

Our Goal

The exciting thing about our methods is that this system can transform anyone whether an elite or average person with a minimal amount of time commitment. These signature techniques increase raw strength and power to a significant degree in a relatively short time-frame. When enacted with the requisite intensity and exactitude, this simplistic yet sophisticated system of strength is without rival. When physical capabilities and capacities are improved trainees become more resistant to injury and retain function as they age. Our protocols provide increased strength and vitality while strengthening the human guide wire system in such a way as to reduce and prevent injury.

By improving the five bio-motor benchmarks of strength, speed, endurance, agility and flexibility the trainee is made stronger, fitter and more capable, regardless the task. The dilemma is obtaining these important bio-motor attributes without having to devote an inordinate amount of time to obtaining strength and stamina. Is it possible to create a time-compressed fitness template that fits fitness into hectic lifestyles? Are there time-compressed strength training templates that deliver uncompromising results? The answer is YES!

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